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T-Shirt Discord, I know you want it Mammamia NFT



After Takashi Murakami  announced last time that he would restart his personal NFT project “MURAKAMI.FLOWERS” , I believe fans are looking forward to it. This time he posted a post on the NFT project Instagram account, you can see that he used a blue short Sleeve top, with the words “Discord, I know you want it.” in striking yellow above, and update recent thoughts and mental states in the text.

In addition to the front, the back of the clothes is also printed with my own response, saying that there is no plan to establish a Discord community at the moment, explaining to fans that if he opens a channel, he will be inundated with countless spam emails and even be deceived, but the main reason is that Due to his psychological pressure, he hopes that fans can give him more time to understand the virtual world. At present, his team has not released relevant news about NFT release. It is expected to be launched this year. Interested readers should pay attention to the follow-up news.


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