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Mammamia Hard Seltzer 12 x 33cl

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Mammamia Hard Seltzer

Mammamia TM registration  Exclusivity  by Solecar Srls
News 2022 with the Maneskin performance at Coachella 22
We are happy to present the easy hard Italian Rock seltzer with low alcoholic and low-calorie content,
rich flavor to drinking alone or mixed in a cocktail
Made with simple and genuine ingredients including light alcoholic beer and real fruit juice.
(black cherry, lime, and mango)
Mammamia Seltzer hard. DEADLY FRESH for a Hard Rock aperitif
package: 12 x 33cl
shipping: Euro 6.5 (above 5 packs free shipping)
Money-Back Guarantee
price: Euro 3.5 x can (from 12 = Euro 42)



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